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My fantastic wife says I hate to plan. That’s not entirely true. She did marry me for my improvisational wit and spontaneity, but I’m pretty sure I used to plan all the time.

Although my biggest adventures — traveling several times across the globe, new [crazy] gigs, and wild creative…

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If you’ve never heard of the hip-hop artist Russ, you’re seriously missing out. If you have, you already know the deal: self-confidence for miles and the artistic results to back it up. His prolific output can save you from those diminishing thoughts and condescending voices swimming around in your dome…

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Too many of us are coping with current events by shopping online. (Guilty as charged!) It’s both practical during social distancing and it’s a fun distraction. But we all need limits. What are yours?

Before we go any further: How about 328 million cheers to all the amazing essential workers

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My daughter, like many American kids, is remote learning. She’s set up on our dining room table in front of a window showing the New England foliage.

One morning last month, a few minutes after 9 A.M., as I walked by on the most-traveled route in our house — from…

Andy McWain

Writing (fiction and non-fiction), composing music, e-commerce. Teaches higher ed music & music business. Launched:

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